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My girlfriend had medical abortion around 4 weeks ago, and after 4 weeks since her abortion, we had sex.

She told me she was on pills, and she also believed she was on period and it was safe to have sex. So we had 3 sex that day with pullout method (I believe I controlled it well, but I do not know if any of the sperm could have gotten in).

The next day, I asked her if she actually took the pills correctly, and she told me she missed one pill out of 8 pills she took (she does not remember when she missed). She took one of those combination pills given at planned parenthood.

Worried, I actually also looked up whether she was actually on period, and seemed she is actually not on period according to what others have posted (period doesn't come after medical abortion for at least a month from what I have gathered). She believed it was her period because the bleeding from abortion stopped for a day after 1.5 weeks, and then she got severe cramping like period, and believed it was a period.

So approximately after 17 hours since first sexual act, I bought one of those one step plan B and have her took it.

To make this worst, 3 days after sex, she left for home and forgot to take the remaining birth control pills. We are abstaining from sex ever since I gave her plan B.

To sum it up, here are the questions:
What are the chances of pregnancy?

Was she on period or was it bleeding from medical abortion?

She took pregnancy test after 2 days since sex and turned out positive (we did not have sex for 4 weeks, so this was the only time she could have conceived if she have). Could this be false positive from previous pregnancy? (She is approximately 4 weeks into abortion as of today).

Thank you.


I’m not some conservative person nor do I think that I have the right to tell people what should they do, but it really seems to me like you two are set up to ruin that girls health completely. Never heard of someone taking combination of medical abortion and morning after pills in such a short time, but you don’t have to be genius to figure out that there will be consequences on her health. I mean, how expensive a condom is compared to that? You don’t have to give her any pills any more, if it turns out that she is still pregnant after taking medical abortion pills she must have regular abortion, even if she wanted to, it’s impossible to give birth to a healthy child after taking medications that are given for medical abortion. She needs a visit to a doctor, the sooner the betrer.


after a medical abortion you should 6 weeks till her cervix heals to have sex n becuz she was recently pregnant it takes the body awhile to go back to normal that is why u should wait 6 weeks so whenever she took the pregnancy test it would turn up positive. But all in all if it is passed the 6 weeks marks she shouldn't be pregnant becuz she hasnt ovulated in about a month n a half, hinge that was not her period she was just having bleeding from the abortion that is common she will not have a period for (and again I say it) 6 weeks. It's common for a fake during her first abortion to assume that she is on her period but really it's not so u shouldn't worry about her being pregnant n since she had an abortion I can assume u two aren't looking forward to having children for awhile but besides her being the only one to use protect such as birth control you should also be safe as well besides using the pull out method which I presume is what got her pregnant in the first place since you're concern with her being pregnant again from this. But wait two more weeks n then have her take a pregnancy test n it will come up negative n if that concerns you two go to the doctor n they can give u a accurate test. N maybe your girlfriend should choose another method for birth control like the ROD in the arm she wouldn't have to worry about missing a day becuz it does it for her. Hope I helped