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Hi everyone, I found out I was pregnant last week and decided to terminate the pregnancy. Although I felt guilty and irresponsible, my partner and I decided this was the best decision for us. Since I calculated that I was about 5+ weeks, I originally planned on taking the pill rather than going through the surgical procedure. However, after doing some research I thought the surgical might be a bit faster with recovery. When I got to the clinic, I had my ultrasound where they measured the pregnancy to be just barely over 5 weeks and they were still having trouble seeing it since it was so early. Once it was time for the surgical procedure, I was nervous but the nurses and doctor were all very comforting. However, after the first "pass" which was extremely painful (I stupidly chose no sedation), they informed me that they needed to repeat the procedure as they were unable to retrieve the necessary tissue. I think I remember them saying they couldn't find the yolk sac. Hearing those words made me want to give up and tell them to just do it another day because I was in so much pain. I took and deep breath as they went back and did it all over again. They kept telling me we were almost done, and the only thing getting me through was the feeling of relief I would soon feel. However, that was not the case. I thought I was all done, but the doctor told me she was unfortunately couldn't retrieve the pregnancy. I was in complete disbelief and so upset. The nurses told me I would need to go somewhere else for a formal ultrasound to see if it's an ectopic pregnancy and find out what's going on. I'm scared to death and so confused. Has anyone heard of this??


Hi NewEngland,

Ectopic means it is developing outside the uterus - the ultrasound would have shown that.  If there was any question it should have been resolved BEFORE they started the procedure.

I can understand why you are confused.  Unfortunately we don't have all the information that the clinic staff did prior to and during the procedure.

At this point I suggest you follow up with your ob/gyn for a full internal exam. 

I question the skills of the practicioner at the clinic and/or the ultrasound tech.

Good luck.