Im in my early 20s and I had surgical abortion recently, because I really wasn't ready for baby since I'm still juggling between school and work also my boyfriend is bit older than me so I really didn't plan to have kinds with him so soon. I had to go to the clinic twice to for the ultrasound and the procedure, because there is some law that says I have to be counseled and get ultrasound done 24 hours before the procedure. My 1st day I went to the clinic at 11am for my appointment and waited almost 2 hours. When I got there I was given lot of paper to sign and read about the abortion procedure, rest and everything. Then about 30 min after I finished the paper work and gave it to the front desk lady I was called to get my ultrasound done which they found out I was about 5 weeks and half, they didn't show me the ultrasound screen and the picture they just printed out the picture and put it in my folder (which I was curious to see the picture and I think I could have asked to have one if I wanted to from the paper work I filled out, but I guess I really wasn't ready for it). After the ultrasound I waited couple of min and called in again to do the payment for the ultrasound which was $75. Then I made an appointment for the procedure a week later, because I had no other days I could go in since I had work and school and my boyfriend had work as well. So the next Monday I go to the clinic at 2pm and signed couple more paper work. I was called after while to do another ultrasound to recheck the fetus position and the fetus gestation (how far the pregnancy was). Then I gave urine sample so they can do another pregnancy test and they had blood test done which they got from my finger not my arm. Then after 2 hours of waiting finally I was taken to the procedure room where I removed my pants and underwear and waited for my doctor. I really wasn't so sure how the procedure would go and I had no idea that it would hurt alot. Iam really weak to pain, I can't stand being in pain and I usually have really bad 2 to 3 days of cramping when I get my period which is the most painful couple days. But the procedure was painful for me. The doctor came in, did pelvic exam, asked my to sign a paper and again he asked my if iam 100% sure if I want to terminate the pregnancy and I told him Yes so he started the procedure. He told me what he was doing and how it would hurt during the whole procedure. First he inserted the dilator which opened up the viginal opening( which hurt alot), he then gave me shot to numb the curvex which felt like small pinches and the he inserted the tube like tool which vacuum's the utres but there was burnING like sensation when he first insert it and there was pain when he turned on the machine and moved the tube around. It was the most painful thing I ever went through, it was like really bad cramp, burning sensation and lot of pain which idk how to describe. The procedure was about 5 min long but I felt it was lot longer. After the procedure I went to the recovery room which I took infection and pain medication and had warm pad on my lower abdominal which helped with the pain. When I had some rest and the pain subsided I did the payment and got prescription for the medicine. I was in alot of pain and felt so tired after the procedure. I went home straight and went to sleep around 7pm because I couldn't stay awake through the pain. When I woke up at night around 11 pm I was bleeding so I changed my pad took some more medication and went to sleep again. When I woke up the next day the bleeding was stopped but the pain was still there. So I took the infection medication Doxycycline 100mg and the pain medication Hydroco/acetaminophen. During the afternoon I felt better. So then the next couple days I didn't have lot of pain just some occasional cramp which I didn't need any medication. I had some discharge and passed some cloth. Today is Sunday and I started to get some cramp last night which has gotten worse since then and I'm still taking the prescription pain killer. But no bleeding only some small brownish discharge and nothing out of the ordinary. I just hope the cramp and pain won't be so bad since I have to walk around a lot for work. I rested just a day after the procedure and been working since then. All my pregnancy symptoms are gone except the tender breast which is almost gone, because they don't feel painful when I touch it now. But I just wish I knew how much it hurt during the procedure, the pain was such a surprise for me. Since Friday I have been feeling bit frustrated that I just want to cry and last night I just burst into tears for no reason ( which is not like me). I think if women tell their boyfriend how they're feeling and they have their boyfriends full suppose it would be lot nice. My boyfriend gave me his support, but since he's bit old he might have wanted kids he asked me couple times if I wanted to keep the baby but I'm too young to have kids and want to have stable life before I have any kids. He knows it well so he support me but I just wish he really be there and go through everything with me and understand what I am feeling. I somehow wish that the doctor let him be there during the procedure, because I felt alone and in lot of pain during the procedure alone.So the procedure is definitely different for all women, but I just wanted to share my experience and say be prepared to have some pain and cramp during the procedure and some time after the procedure. Also not just physical but some emotional changes too mood swings and frustration that you want to cry and u should because I felt like it calmed me and helped when I cried myself to sleep last night today I felt bit calm and gotten rid of the heavy feeling. I have to wait another week til I go get the follow up exam done to make sure everything is done properly.