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I am writing this because I have had BOTH procedures done within the past 2 months (surgical and medical). For those of you that are thinking to get the procedure done, you may want to do additional research before taking further steps. Unlike myself, I did not. Two months ago, I had the medical procedure done (pill). Since then, I have been bleeding moderately every single day! The first two weeks, I bled heavily with a bright red color and the third week, I had brown blood (old blood) which lasted for 4-6 days. After the brown blood, I would get bright red blood again (new blood). The bleeding never stopped, it was intermittent-red then brown and then red again. It was a cycle.

After a month and a half of bleeding, I decided to seek additional help from the same ridiculous clinic. After going in for yet another ultrasound (4 in on month and a half!), they mentioned that I may need to get a Dilation and Curettage procedure (D&C). The D&C procedure is a scraping of the uterus which removes excess tissues that are causing the excessive bleeding.

Last week, I decided to get the procedure done being that I was nearly anemic, loosing so much blood and was about to die... Since the procedure, the blood has turned to light brown and seems to become lighter as the days progress. I think and hope that the D&C took care of it.

Anyhow, most of you want to know which procedure is more safe. From my perspective, I would do the D&C (surgical) because there is less post bleeding involved compared to the pill. See pros and cons below:

Surgical Procedure (D&C):
PROS: Less bleeding, do not feel the actual miscarriage, fast procedure (4 minutes), asleep during the procedure, LESS pain and suffering, D&C takes care of removal of excess tissues which prevents prolonged bleeding

CONS: Having to be injected with anesthesia, having anxiety before laying down on the surgery bed, mild cramping for two days

Medical Procedure (Pill):
PROS: Do not need to go thru anxiety before entering the surgery room and are in the comfort of your own home

CONS: Bleeding for MORE than 2 months STRAIGHT!, Having to go back and do the D&C procedure, passing the fetus in your toilet, having to see the fetus in your toilet, cramping for more than 3 weeks, having intermittent periods (brwn then red, red then brown cycle), not being able to have sex, lol

Note: When passing the fetus, it feels like a normal period cramp X5. It is really painful, but you have the option to take tylenol 3 or IB profen

Some women have successful results with the pill, but then again, you dont want to risk it. From my crazy experience, I would just get the D&C to take care of two birds with one stone. I went through so much just to get over this frustration. Until now, I dont even know if I will start bleeding again... D&C I think the D&C is the way to go. I wish I had done that from the beginning. Waaayyy less painful. It is safer by not loosing as much blood and having the risk to become anemic.. And not to mention, bleed to death. Could you imagine having to go through the miscarriage process and then having to do the D&C.

For those of you going through the 'more than one month bleeding', make sure you take iron pills to accommodate the blood loss. Being anemic is the last thing you would want on your list... :(


I never thought id be here, reading about abortion. I myself have really strong issues for and against it.I read your post babes, and it famages my head. Who are we to play god? Sorry, but I am very depressed, I dont htink you shoud even know how my children were conceived, but hey god, I let it happen, after1 there were another.No more thankfully!Dont get me wrong there the best things taht happened, but I have issues-like....oh nevermind!

I didnt come here to be nasty or bitter. i came here to try and console you. youve done the right thing for you-that the best you can do -promise! Stop with the guilt-do you think th eman that treated you this way is feeling guilty?


dont go for pills just dnc it has no pain at all only one injection pain and ur sleep when u wake up use dicloran which is pain killer and u feel no pain at all.medicines r hell dont go for them this is my personal experience