I had a surgical abortion last Thursday. I was told that there would be less bleeding but to expect it to last a couple of weeks. I had been having severe cramping since but I was told it was normal. My pregnancy symptoms all started going away almost immediately and I did not really bleed too much until day three after the abortion. Then I started bleeding a lot and passing blood clots. I knew this was also normal except that I was still having severe cramping up until last night (exactly one week after the abortion) when it got worse to the point where I couldn't breathe and then I passed some huge and extremely heavy blood clots. I know you aren't supposed to look but I did but I couldn't help it. It looked like a much much tinier version of a placenta and umbilical cord attached to each other then a separate fetus looking thick gray matter. The scientist in me took over and it was just over an inch and about a few grams, not like any of the other blood clots that were more stringy and bloody. Both of these resembles fleshy bits. I have had two boys, one prior abortion and a miscarriage before so I am worried that maybe the surgical abortion did not remove everything. Since then, my cramps have virtually disappeared and I have had very little bleeding. All the blood now is a nice healthy looking red instead of rusty. Is it possible that the abortion could have left the fetus and cord still in my uterus? I feel a lot better and have had no fever, so can I just wait until next week for them to do the ultrasound during the followup appointment? They told me it would be done to ensure that no material was left behind.