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So I swore I had posted here, but the post seemingly disappeared.

Well long story short, 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. I am almost 25, have one child, my boyfriend whom I love greatly has a kid as well, and we live together. I didn't tell my boyfriend for nearly a week that I was pregnant... I was scared.

So when I told him, we made the heart wrenching decision to stop the pregnancy. I have some medical things going on that pregnancy would really mess with, and our life situation would not be the best for another kid. We truly do want another kid someday, but just not at the moment. We did use condoms, they failed.

So we went to planned parenthood, and they thought I was about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. We planned an abortion for a week later. I go in, and im measuring only 4 weeks 5 days pregnant. But they weren't even sure if they were looking at the yolk sac or if it was a shadow on the ultrasound. So I am to go back in a week and see for sure if its an ectopic... they said it was so early they really can't tell what is what on the ultrasound.

If its an ectopic... I have no idea what to do. It will be a very expensive procedure and as a student, those funds I just don't have.

This whole situation sucks. And it sucks to wait another week to get another ultrasound to see whats going on.


if it is an ectopic pregnancy you will have to have surgery as they run a great risk of infection and you could lose your fallopian tube and possibly even your life.

i hope for your sake that it isn't ectopic.

good luck


Yeah I know it is life threatening.... the doctor basically said no hospital can turn me away. But having no insurance is just stressing me out. I will find out in a week what is going on. :-(