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can a doctor misdiagnose genital warts o.O


Yes, they can especially in women it seems to me. I have had a colposcopy done and a doc found HPV on my cervix and vaginal wall and wanted to do a laser surgery (at his private office-very expensive) but I refused.

After a year, I went to another doctor when I was abroad and this gyn said I had no genital warts. I read that our immune system could get rid of both lesions and even the virus but I didn’t know what it was in my case, a misdiagnose or I managed to lose them.

Anyway, I spoke to my cousin who works at the urino-genital clinic and she told me that HPV could easily be mistaken with some normal micropapillae that exist in the vestibule, and that even some hymenal parts that stayed inside could be diagnosed as HPV.

In male, HPV could be mistaken for another veneral disease that has no name yet. The bumps resemble warts and are called the “clam”. Some men as well (but I don’t know about doctors) could think of pearly penile papules as warts, which they are not.

Pearly penile papules are small bumps that appear on the corona of the penis, they form in rows, are tiny and harmless.

If you have been diagnosed with HPV, you could seek a second opinion.