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I'm 16 y/o, I start masturbation since i was 12, 1-3 times a day til i was 15.. then I noticed some pearly penile papules came around the head of my penis.. was that the cause of my frequent masturbation or what is the cause of ppp? was that a deadly disease or somethin'?

and i noticed my nipples are kinda inverted.. was that normal?

and one thing.. now im 16 my penis growth so small.. its 4 inches erected, will my penis grow?


Pearly Penile Papules are most present among uncircumcised men, they are totally normal and are certainly not a disease.
About the penile size, I really don't know the details about its normal development so I could not give you an answer there.
Just in case you are interested, have you ever heard of Jelqing ? jelq exercises are designed to increase the penis size, is a community that covers the subject extensively, maybe you could take a look.
Inasmuch the nipple, I've got the same thing on my left nipple, mine only pops out in the cold.


Hi Angelden:

Pearly penile papules are harmless. Some guys get them and some guys don't.

I imagine that you penis will grow some more before you complete puberty.