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o.O Just had a hemroidectomy (incisional) three days ago and am having urinary retention. Is there any help at all for me? Went to the Hospital night before last and was catherized (not done during epidural surgery) and sent me home with it. Left in for 12 hours and removed it. At least I am dribbling now but still having problems getting flow started and continuing it. Help!


Urinary retention occurs often after hemorrhoidectomy. It happens in about 20% of all hemorrhoidectomies done. It happens most often due to the swelling in the tissues or a spasm of the pelvic muscles.

Catheter is used most commonly but there is something you could try doing at home on your own to stimulate the flow. You could try making a warm bathtub and sit in it for some time.
If you are still not draining, you need to see an urologist to get the catheter again. Catheters may be left in place for some time to enable continuous drainage. The decision about removing the catheter is made depending on the amount of urine obtained and the probability of symptoms recurrence.

Don’t worry if you notice some blood in your urine after using catheter. It happens and it will go away on its own shortly after.