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After reading some of posts of others that have had prostate laser procedures, I didn't encounter any that experienced my particular problems.
I'm experiencing post operative urinary retention after a Holmium laser prostatectomy procedure . The procedure itself went well - no blood in urine, or infection. About 95% of the prostate was ablated. I was back home that same day wearing a catheter. But, total retention occurred after the catheter was removed the following morning. Catheterization was then continued for another 5 days. I then endured 2 days of a strained partial emptying of the bladder with an intermittent weak urine flow, and then complete retention again. Catheterization has now been continued for another week for wait and see results. My doc will perform a cystoscopy if the problem remains. Curiously, my preop cystoscopy caused temporary retention problems that required a short catheterizaion period. This leads me to think that I may be susceptible to the slightest urinary tract traumatization. During retention,I can actually feel the bladder move urine into the urethra. A long history of classic BPH symptoms - incomplete bladder voiding, straining to start, nighttime bathroom visits, etc - necessitated the HoLAP precedure.( My condition didn't respond to an alpha blocker medication ). I'm 70 and in good health (other than the BPH problems) blood pressure fine, cholesterol 140, not obese, exersize daily, and diet. Surprisingly, the DRE revealed my prostate to be only mildly enlarged, and my PSA wa 3.0 . The cystoscopy revealed my baldder's muscular tissue to be extremely over developed from years of strained urination. Catheterization for extended periods of time can be difficult, but the fear and anxiety of the eventual uncertainty is my largest concern. I understand that there's a number of possible causes for my problem - general trauma to bladder and urinary tract and associated swelling and nerve related issues,possible blockages, and the general anxiety and pain . I've been told that my circumstance in not the norm, and certainly I don't expect a definitive answer, but hopefully, input from someone that has had a similar experience and their resolution to the problem.


Dear george775,

I hope by now you feel better.

And I hope by now you resolved your retention issue.

If so, how did you do it?

And who performed your Holep?

! appreciate your input.






I had urinary tract infectons, changed anti-biotics, one would not react to the cipro, They eventually cleared up. You can use self catheders. The rubber ones are easier to use than the clear plastic. This way you use a clean one everytime you use one. Dr.'s office told me to boil them after several uses, which is not good. Medicare will pay for a case at a time. Same company that advertises for Diabetes supplies. Having one with a bag is cause for constant infections.Plus they are larger and removing them causes irritation.Hope this info helps.