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A friend is having a procedure done to shock her heart back to a normal rhythm. Apparently, they are entering thru both the femoral and carotid(sp?) arteries. I understand this procedure is called ablasion(sp?). I have had a quadruple bypass as well as a heart transplant so the family is looking to me to explain it to them. Help!


Different names are used for this procedure. They’re cardiac catheter ablation, radiofrequency ablation, cardiac ablation, or just ablation-you got only s wrong. It is a non-surgical procedure that is performed when arrhythmias can’t be handled by lifestyle changes or medications

Ablation is done by inserting catheters into a blood vessel from an opening in the groins or neck. These catheters are led to the heart by using a fluoroscope, a machine that shows pictures of the catheter and tissue. When the catheters reach the heart, faulty electrical sites that cause arrhythmia are located and electrical energy flow is pushed through the heart. This electrical flow is used to destroy the faulty tissue that is causing arrhythmia and skipping beats.

The procedure may cause discomfort rather then pain, patients may watch what is happening during the procedure but they also have to lie still so that the incision site could heal and that stiffness from sitting still goes away.