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I'm having a lot of sensitivity lately on my "downstairs" area. When I urinate lately, for maybe the past...month or so, I've been feeling some sensitivity and a slight burning ON the skin. I know for sure it isn't a UTI because 1.) I know how the pain of a UTI and this isn't it. 2.) I got a culture from my gynecologist and had a urine sample which both came back normal. I've been seen by my gyno about this but nothing has really amounted from it. She said she saw no signs of infection and that everything looked normal. On the 30th of this month I will be seeing her again but that's nearly a week from now. I'm going to get a pap smear and hopefully discuss this some more with her then but in the meantime I was hoping someone could give me some peace of mind. Yahoo Answers isn't much help.

I'll give a little background info about me if it helps. I'm 17 and sexually active with one guy. It's just been him for the past 8 months. The only medication I take is my birth control called Azurette that I've been taking for a year and 2 months. The sensitive areas are around my perineum and posterior fourchette. They've also been reddish from time to time but the redness has gone down. When I lean forward while on the toilet it feels better because the urine isn't touching the skin. I've been tested for most stds with normal results. I've tried using really mild soaps as my gyno recommended but it's still sensitive. She also recommended taking a skin biopsy of the area and I really would rather do anything but that, and I'll have to discuss that with her. I've never had this problem before in my life and can't understand why this is happening now.

I had this in the Women's Health board but really didn't get any help there. Maybe I can get some here.

Any advice/info will be much appreciated.



If you have burning sensation only during urinating then you might be dealing with some kind of infection. You have mentioned that you were getting a pap smear test? When will you do this?