So I've been on birth control since the fall of 2006 to help regulate my highly irregular cycles. (When I was younger I'd have a period every month for a couple of months, skip a month, have one, skip two or three months, have one for two months. It was very hard to predict) My doctor told me 2 summers ago that I didn't have to get a pap smear until A) I started having sex or B) I turned 21. I haven't had a pap smear since she said that. I am now 20 y/o, but I have had a kind of oral sex (received). Does oral sex count as having sex, or did she mean vaginal/anal sex?I haven't had a pap smear since she said that. I know that no one likes pap smears, but they make me feel especially vulnerable and exposed so I try to avoid it for as long as possible. I actually haven't seen my doctor since then. I did see a doctor a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't my regular one and it was because I had the flu.

I refilled my prescription on 1/7/15, it ran out on 1/14/2015, and my last period started on Feb 4th. If I was still on the pill, I should've started my period yesterday (March 4th). I've been wearing a pads since Tuesday night (as my periods would start on Tues nights/Wed mornings) but I haven't so much as spotted. My Grandmother (whose been an RN for 51 years now) and I both think that I should probably take a break from the birth control as I've been on it for nearly a decade. Wow. I've been on the pill for nearly a decade...I just realized that for almost half my life I've been on the pill. Wow.

What I'm getting at is: is it possible that after 9 years of having my hormones regulated with birth control that my body isn't making estrogen, and progesterone, and the other hormones involved in menstruation, on its own? After how long can I expect to wait until it starts again on its own? Can I even become pregnant if I have unprotected sex in the near future [for argument's sake] since I've been on it for so long? Or is this something that I have to bite the bullet and ask my doctor about?

I do not see myself having sex anytime soon, so I don't really need the birth control, but as I'm at a large university anything can happen. Well, actually if I start talking my crush again and it goes somewhere and I really trust him, sex might happen.

Has anyone been in this kind of situation (being on the pill for years then suddenly stopping) or have any advice?