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Hi Im 23 and I went to my doctor about a month ago for a pap smear and everything came back normal. I havent had any sexual contact since my pap smear, and about a week after my pap smear, I noticed that I had these little tiny pimples around my anus and eventually they started to move outside my lips. You can't really see them too well, but they feel like they are absolutely huge. Now today, I went back to the doctor, and she said that she thinks I definitely have genital warts, but she is going to refer me to another doctor for treatment and what not. Now, why don't genital warts show up on a pap smear then. Since genital warts are caused by the HPV, wouldn't of it showed up in my blood work, or a doctor just diagnoses it when they actually appear?? If its a virus, why doesnt it show up through a pap, bloodwork, urine? I'm just really confused and concerned about this and I look forward to your answer.


Anything like HSV, HIV, or HPV won't show up in a regular gyno exam unless you are specifically tested for it. The pap smear tests for abnormal cells around the cervix, so basically looking for cancer. Not all HPV is cancer causing and often will go away on its own. She is sending you to a specialist because they want to test it to make sure it is not a cancer causing strain. Most of the time your blood work and urine tests at a regular check up is to make sure everything is working the way it should not to look for any specific STDs.. Most of the time a female appointment blood work only tests to make sure you are not anemic and to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia (the two most common STD's). You would have had to ask for an HPV or HSV test and the would have swabbed the bumps most of the time in order to do that.

70% of the population has HPV and as I said before it is something that goes away for most women. I would go visit the specialist and make sure the strain will not harm you and everything should be fine. Remember, until you know if you 100% have or do not have HPV then you should abstain from sexual relations of any kind (intercourse, oral, even rubbing against another person).

Good luck. Feel free to respond if you have any other questions.