ADHD symptoms include impulsivity, trouble concentrating, disorganization, procrastination and hyperactivity and were usually diagnosed among children. However, the trend is changing and the use of prescription for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is growing at a faster rate among adults than among children.
A new research showed that nearly 1.5 million Americans 20 and older are using these drugs. These numbers dispel earlier beliefs that children grow out of the disorder. It is estimated that 50% of adults continue to have problems with attention and that many stay on medication beyond adolescence because the disorder influences their functioning.
Drugs like Adderall XR, Concerta and Strattera are being advertised in magazines and television and the drug market could easily double in no time.
Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of a new ADHD book, says that increased medication use is good because, together with behavioral therapy improves adults' relationships, job performance, parenting skills, and even their sex lives.