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Hey guys! I've been reading a ton of forums, but I figured I'd post to see if anyone has been experiencing these exact symptoms. I've seen similar combos, but never the same situation. I read a lot of health blogs and books, and I feel like I'm pretty knowledgeable about these topics, but I really need some answers... I'm at a dead end. 

PLEASE DON'T JUDGE... posting about health is a sensitive thing, so I would appreciate rational and judgment-free responses. :)

I suffered from an ED all through college (this is my senior year), and I had been taking meds for depression during that time. (Meds that I specifically made sure would not result in weight gain, and they never did... unless for some reason I'm experiencing weight gain two years after taking the same meds) I also experimented with several diet pills and workout enhancers, which I saw great results from in the past... but not anymore. (I know those things are supposed to be taken in short periods of time or not at all)

I am 23 years old and fairly active. I do crossfit and eat a very healthy diet. I never eat fastfood or drink soda(don't remember the last time I did). I am 5'6'', I used to kind of chunky when I started college (like 150) then I lost a ton of weight and got down to 114lbs earlier this year. Now I am around 131... and I have no idea how quickly I gained the weight. It happened so fast. I do not binge on junk food or eat late at night (like I said, I am strict about my diet).

Here are my symptoms:

- weight gain (approx. 15lbs in two months)

- irregular period (absent for around 4 months)

- fatigue, foggy brain

- forgetfulness

- SEVERE CONSTIPATION bloating/stomach distension... this is a HUGE issue. I look like I'm 8 months pregnant when I'm not. 

- SEVERE water retention in face... on one side more than the other. (it looks vey odd in pictures. Seems to be my parotid glands) 

- recently went off BCP... but I doubt that's a reason to GAIN weight... usually it causes weight loss?


I've tried several cleanses. Candida, Parasite, Green Tea.... I bought a juicer also and thought I'd lose weight with that... but I'm not seeing results! I only gained weight during those cleanses... SO CONFUSED. 

I want to reach 120lbs again. That is still within a healthy BMI range, and I want to feel lighter and less weighed down by bloating and constipation.

I know its a bad idea to research symptoms, because you're likely to assume you have just about any or all issues with similar symptoms.. but you never know... I suspect it could be a thyroid problem? (I don't know much about thyroid issues, so if you are reading this and know more about it... I'd love to hear your story of how you discovered you had hypothyroidism and how you dealt with it)



Have you consulted with your MD? Or no medical coverage and so not seeing a MD currently? Have you taken an "Over the counter" Pregnancy Test? That could be 1 possibility? Are you drinking enough fluids? Ever see those starving children?  well they have severe bloating bellies too.

I would try to see an MD ASAPO and go from there. It's not great to guess, esp if there may be a chance that you could be gaining and bloating from an early pregnancy. 

Good luck, and I hope that you are able to be satisfied with your body weight, since you have Recovered from your former Eating Disorder........



It sounds as if your body weight is at a mid point currently. From losing weight, and then re-gaining weight, has probably made a muck out of your body's natural metabolism. From being 150 lbs to 114 lbs, to 131 lbs , well if you do the math(simple Stats) you shall come out with a median number by adding up all weights stated, and dividing by total number of diff weights listed. You will find the average weight result that is probably your body's comfort zone. The only way to escape that is to join a boot camp, exercise class, hire personal trainer, and beat the odds by changing the body's metabolism. That will not happen overnight. It could take up to 6 months, at least. Don't give up, just work harder, eat right, drink plenty of H2O, and Fiber too.