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Maybe you all might think i'm silly wanting to "gain" weight rather than the regular "loose" weight, and before you read on can i firstly say that although i am fully aware that eating more will enable you to gain weight, it's simply NOT THAT SIMPLE.

I'm a slim guy. I have been all my life, i've tried numerous things to help me gain weight but i like my current diet and exercise routine and so usually i fall back into my usual routine. My family are what i would call "normal weight" so it doesn't seem to be a genetic thing. I am 6 foot 2 and 10 stone.

This has become a real big issue in my life and i've found that there are hundreds of thousands of others in the same boat, it holds me back, affects my confidence greatly and makes me a recluse. Can anyone advise anything, anything at all.... i have done some reading on the matter but nothing, as i say, seems to work.

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Hi there! You mentioned you keep falling into your usual routine? What is your usual routine? Are you not eating or?

My best friend was also slim his whole life. He couldn’t gain any weight at all. This wasn’t so bothersome when we were boys, but as we grew older he started to be more and more upset. So, he decided to do what is always advised for weight losers NOT to do. He was eating late at night, he would go to sleep after daily meals, he ate all the foods that are fattening, and in order not to let this food turn into fat, he worked out to turn it into muscles. Even though this was not the healthiest method, he managed to gain that much weight to be called “normal” looking and not thin or slim. It took him a year or something like that.

What did you do in order to gain weight?


Hello Bobby.

Long one i know....
Right, in answer to your questions.

I have tried working out, but found it wasn't doing me any favours. I suppose after 12 weeks or so you should start to see some improvements and although i would say i was more "toned" i wasn't any heavier and in some cases i weighed a little less than my last weighing. I was told it might be becasue i was burning off more than i was putting it, to effect. I tried suppliments, MRP's Multi-V's etc, but nothing.

I read this and tried to follow it but again nothing. I've also been to my GP but they all seem to take the opinion of its not really a problem, even tho i was telling them it was affecting my life in ways i'd like to get addressed.

My recent plan is to seek out the most protein rich foods and fatty foods and keep eating as much of them as possible. I know this is going to take time for me to gain the weight i want to, you mentioned your friend took about a year to get to where he was happy, i'm prepared to put that uch effort in for that much time but would like to get started on the right way, not following "old wives tales".

What else have i tried, erm.. not too sure really, i suppose it would be a good idea for me to keep a food diary, but i'm a lazy git and never follow it through for longer than three months or so, somedays i forget and dont write things in the diary and on top of all that i can't work out the calories i'm intaking as i dont know how to. Do you, or anyone, know where i might be able to get some diary plans from so i can use them as templates to help me work out what the problem is? I've also looked into what the "metabolism" is and looked for foods that slow it down (? is that right) so i can gain weight.

Also i have a sweet tooth, infact its a very big sweet tooth, for a while now i've switched from chocolate treats to, cream doughnuts in order to get more calories. TBH i dont mind getting a bit fat as its really doing my head in now being this thin. It can also afffect my relationship as my confidence is very low at the mo.

I will follow your advice and try to squeese in a meal before bed time.
My friends tell me i eat like a horse, but i eat little and often rather than large meals. I simply eat slowly so large meals become cold and horrid if i have them.

My typical days food would be something like this.

Breakfast - A (6 inch long) bun with bacon and sausage in + 1 cup of tea.
Lunch - Either a pan of pasta and source or (if i can't be arsed to cook at lunch between work) a meat salad sandwich, bag of crisps and a bun.
Evening meal - depends what she cooks for me (ha ha ha) usually a full meal, various varieties.

Maybe a bowl of cereal late in the evening with snakcks and fruit in between.

Sounds a lot right? Well compared to the ammounts of food my friends eat it seems to be very littel. I can watch all my friends eat stupid ammounts of food in one sitting and thn not eat for a while, i simply can't do that. I've tried to force myself but its of no use.

So any more advice for me?


Hi there! I read you said you “i eat little and often rather than large meals”, well this is exactly what I always tried to do but haven’t succeeded. This is exactly what a person who wants to lose weight and speed up their metabolism needs to do. I envy you honestly.

By the way, I think I know your type. My girlfriend is just the same. She eats for hours, and is incredibly thin. The thing is that she doesn’t seem to care while I hate this habit she has because we can never enjoy our meals together. I, on the other hand, am a person who eats a lot and often, and I would like to tell you that I envy you too because you can’t put on weight.

I understood that you live with your girlfriend. How does she feel about this obsession of yours? Does she know about it?