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Yesterday I noticed a spotty vaginal discharge. Not a heavy bleed at all, but just a small mucus like discharge with blood spotting. My husband and I are sexually active and I've previously have had two children. I'm not currently on birth control, but we have been using condoms etc.

The spotting has persisted throughout today. I feel a bit achy, but I didn't feel it before I noticed the spotting. I've also been constipated.

I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I just finished my period about two weeks ago.

Should I be concerned?

Thank you for the help.


Interesting question. The first thing that comes to mind when a woman says she's spotting blood around the middle of her cycle is an ovulation bleeding, but it's strange to suddenly have one if you have never had one before, I think. Other causes could include some kind of infection, polyps, the menopause (can happen to younger women too), or even just energetic sex that damaged your cervix a bit. 

Should you be concerned? Maybe. ARE you concerned? If you are, see a doctor right away. If not, keep a close eye and go in if it happens again.