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I have had virginal itching on & off for about 5 weeks now. At first I thought it was just a yeast infection as I've had them before so I brought over the counter medication which didn't work.

I went to see the doctor as I wasn't sure what was causing the itching. He thought it could be a bacterial infection as the discharge had a slight odour and as I'm 30 the bacteria in the body can change....

He prescribed a 1 week course of 2 different antibiotics & 12 vaginal capsules of Polygynax. The itching stopped for the duration of the treatment, then 2 days after I finished the polygynax it started up again.

The first few times I urinate it the morning there is a burning sensation (somewhat like a bladder infection...) and the itching is so uncomfortable but only lasts for a hour or so in the mornings.

I went back to the Dr. and this time asked him to run some tests. He gave me 1 vaginal tablet of Cristan thinking the antibiotics might have caused thrush (yeast infection). It settled things down for a bit but then the itching came back - most noticeably in the mornings.

I saw him again when the results came back - all stds came back negative, Urine WBC came back H 13 /uL, Urine pH 6.5, no significant bacterial growth & occasional micro-organism.

I mentioned that the leaflet in the Cristan said another course might be required but he prescribed Neo-Penotran 14 pessaries, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I am now up to the 4th pessary, 2nd day and this morning once again I am so uncomfortable with the itching & burning when I urinate.

There is no odour and only a slight discharge which is thick & milky.

As I moved countries 4 weeks ago I am not seeing my family Dr and have never had this much trouble before. I have just started taking pro-biotic tablets & am having plenty of natural yoghurt.


I have been having viginal itches for some months now ,and anytime i wash my vigina i put ma fingers deep down there and i feel as if there is something growing in ma vigina and i always see this thick white which i always wash any time i bath it doesnt smell too bad .but having tried so many vigina medicines to no avail plz i need ur help .to wat i can do


Hello there

Im getting the exact problem.. have u been able to treat yours? im so afraid of this thing which is growing in my vagina