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Well, it is someone encouraging to not feel alone on this quest for healing this strange thing we all have going on. I am a 39 year old female and have been dealing with this for a couple of years. :-( Started off around my mouth and corners of lips and has spread to this eyelid phenomenon. I have been through the same doctor's as the rest of you..... general doc, allergist, dermatologists, endocrinologist, etc. I am now with a ND (Naturopathic doc) who is really trying to help me get at the bottom of this. It COULD be alergy related as I do have many different allergies. One thing to kee in mind is that regular allergists only test for IgE allergies which are the kind that give you an immediate reaction. The ND said that testing for IgG food allergies (through a blood test) is important in a case like this as it indicates a "delayed reaction". If it is food allergy related, it is definitely due to a delayed allergy since it is so hard to detect and trace to any specific food. Delayed allergies can take days before showing up in a rash, etc. I was allergic to corn and have read about corn allergies having a symptom of rashes around the eyes. Here is the US, corn is in EVERYTHING! High fructose corn syrup is everywhere - even in beer! Start reading labels (ofcourse alcohol is not required to list ingredients which is crazy) and you will see corn derivatives in everything - many things that you don't even know are corn can be corn - mannitol, maltodextrin, citric acid, sucrose, anything "vegetable source" etc. etc. etc. So, I think a "delayed" (IgG reaction) corn allergy could be to blame.

I also think this could be hormonal and the ND is running all kinds of test on my thyroid and andrenal glands. The regular docs tell me my thyroid is not low but the ND said she is shocked they said that b/c it is very low in her opinion and needs more specific testing. An earlier post talks about how facial rash is a symptom of a thyroid disease, "Hoshimoto's Disease". My ND says she is very suspicious that this could be the cause too. Also, has anyone else noticed that it is primarily women in their 30's and 40's who seem to have this problem? Just when hormones are going crazy and depleting? Apparently, my progesterone was very very depressed which can lead to all kinds of immune problems and an increase in allergies. Too may years of birth control, 2 pregnancies, and lots of stress add to this picture. Of course, younger women, older women, and men can have these same adrenal/hormonal issues.

I am trying to strengthen my adrenals with some herbs, etc. to see if this helps. I also need to focus on my reaction to stress as anyone with excema can tell you - there is definitely a stress/rash relationship (which leads me back to a possible adrenal issue). If your adrenals are fatigued then your body can not balance the natural cortisol that it produces which is a natural antihistimine to fight allergies, rashes, handle stress, etc. Stress and cortisol production work hand in hand. I am really thinking adrenal fatigue could be the source of our problems. Google "adrenal fatigue" or adrenal exhaustion and read up on it. There are adrenal saliva tests you can order off the internet and do from home.

Last, in addition to looking more indepth at my thyroid, the ND is testing for a fungal (candida) infection and parasites. I will post again when I have those results. There is definitely something going on - whether our livers are on toxic overload or what, I don't know. I am glad to say I have finally found a doc who is eager to "think outside of the box" and figure this out. I will exhaust all measures and have told her to not hold back on any potential testing. I don't care what it costs anymore - I need relief. I will post back as I rule things out and maybe I can help the rest of you in some way. I am determined to find the answer as my body is telling me something is wrong. Cortizones and prednisones only offer a temporary band-aid and probably cause more home than good.

One thing this "illness" has done has been to humble me and help me to have a greater appreciation of people from the "inside - out". I am so empathetic to all of you and to anyone with any disfigurement. Sometimes though, we stress ourselves out more worrying about what others think. Try to stay in peace and remember that it could be much worse and we shouldn't shun the world because of a facial rash (I know - easier said than done). If we all post our test results and personal histories here, it is possible that we can all determine what is going on. I wouldn't recommend anyone pay for a regular doc or dermatolgist at this point as I think this is a bit beyond them. You have to find a doc like an ND who will try to find the cause.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. Stay positive, we will find the cure after we determine the cause....


Gee Thanks for your insight into adrenal tests and IgG testing. You  and the rest of us seem to have one thing incommon we have all seen countless doctors who did nothing to help, I had on NHS GP and dermatologist its all in my head only to have the another consultant confirm that I have 2000+ allergies- she did a IgE blood test! Ofcourse she said she couldn't test me for every allergen. Here in the UK they told me to continue to take allergy relief meds during the tests for allergens, do they do the same in the States?

I asked about adrenal fatigue and the same GP stated I would be dead etc.. he thought it very funny till I reported him to the health authority :-)