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I have not been feeling good about the last 8 months or so. I am an 18 ys old male/ otherwise healthy. About one year ago, I was often dizzy and my blood pressure was high. 8 months ago I had an "attack" in which my heart was racing/ pounding and had chest pain with dizziness and weakness/ fatigue. After that I had symptoms like dizziness, chest pain, rapid/pounding heart rate, fatigue, anxiety, enlarge lymph nodes, several other small symptoms but overall it was very debilitating. I was going to the doctors/ ER quite often and all they have found is that i had Mono (this was about 5 months ago) and high blood pressure.

Now: Overall I feel a bit better but still sick. My current symptoms are: dizziness, fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes, high blood pressure, sleep problems/night sweats, very fatigue after excersize (rapid/ pounding heart rate but not nearly as bad as it was, and chest pain is gone). Post nasal drip constantly and also some nasal problems and one nostril always is closed (but not always the same one, they switch). Sometimes I feel horrible in the morning (with night sweats, dizziness, fatigue) Lately ive been having a very vague symptom in which i turn my head and i have this shooting feeling through my head and hands, sort of electrical feeling.
Thanks for any help or ideas you may have.


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Hello musicftm!

I just wanted to great you and welcome on the site again although i wish you were here to inform us that you managed to solve your problem. I have been reading your posts regularly and it is certainly not pleasant going through something like that when you are just 18 and should be enjoying yourself the most. What makes it even harder is the inability to find out what the problem may be.

Your symptoms could be caused by many conditions, so it is really hard to say anything without examining. Many of those symptoms could be caused and aggravated by prolonged stress, so if you are under a lot of stress, try to cut down on it, every way you can.

Anyway, i hope you get better soon!

Best Regards


I know exactly how you feel. I read over your symptoms and they appear to match mine almost to a T. I have been fighting this since Sept. of '06. Have you had any break throughs?