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Me being a teenager, i went wild for three months after high school graduation. Worked 2 jobs, started smoking, and drank a lot on the weekends, and rarely got any sleep. Ran my self into the ground. Then on September 9th i woke up with a sore throat and a stopped up nose. Thinking it was just a minor cold, i really didn't think too much of it. The next day i woke up to a cough, while the sore throat disappeared. I put up with this cough non stop for 3.5 months. I had no other symptoms until October rolled around. I started becoming so tired i couldn't even function. I was sleeping 14-15 hours and i was so drained. Still not seeing a problem until i was so bad off my mom took me to the Emergency Room. They told me it was walking pneumonia. They did chest x rays and blood work. All came back normal and they gave me a very high dose prescription of Arithromyocin. During the four days i took this medicine, i was constantly nauseated and had diarrhea. Soback to the Emergency Room i went. The second time around i was told i had Acute Bronchitis. Blood work and chest x rays again were normal. Still fatigued, having night sweats, chronic cough, and my face feeling on fire, i went to see a doctor to get a 3rd oppinion. He preformed a Mono spot, tested for EBV, CMV, and a few other things.

My test came back positive for CMV. He said the antibodies were high and told me to get plenty of rest and drink a lot of fluids. Because it caused a mono like illness. So, thinking this is the end i followed his instructions and December rolls around. For about a week or so i feel a thousand times better. The cough subsides, the only thing that stuck around was spitting up mucus and being stopped up. So all is well until one day i sleep for 15 hours and the fatigue and cough set right back in. So i go to see my brother's doctor and i inform him of the CMV. He suggests i go and get tested for HIV just to be on the safe side. The test came back negative. I schedule another appointment with him for a follow up. The rest of December goes smooth. I felt decent, not great, but better than i have been.

The from like the 24th of December to about January 6th or so all my symptoms disappear and all is well. I felt normal, like i was healthy. So i resumed my schedule and normal activities. Well low and behold it was the calming before the storm. After the 6th, i sleep another 15 hours and resume feeling like c**p again. Now my symptoms have increased. So now i am fatigued, spitting up mucus, stopped up (when i lay down, temp changes, etc), headaches, staring off into space, dizzyness, lightheaded, muscle and joint aches, and a touch of loss of appetite every now and then. I have also had high blood pressure every time it is checked. I have noticed i am sensitive to light, but nothing too extreme, and my short term memory is shot to pieces.

So one more time i go back to the Doctor that tested for the CMV and he does more blood work checking for rheumatoid, checks my liver, and other things. He said that my blood work, "not only came back normal, but was excellent. My immune system and everything is function the way they should be." Needless to say i have another appointment and he cannot tell me what's wrong. Although my symptoms have eased up a tad, they are still there. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be? I have been through just about everything i can think of and no one can give me an answer as to what is going on.

Also, my cough is so violent that i at times puke. This has happened 5 or 6 times over the course of this episode. Back in April of '06 i had the same cough, mucus, and stopped up on and off. Coughed then for about 2 or 3 months. Come to find out i had an inguinal hernia. It has since been repaired and the cough went away. And here it is back again. The mucus is clear.

I did smoke for about 5 months and i do not know if it has anything to do with the cough now or if i had asthma and then it came back... not sure about that.

Anyone have any ideas. It would greatly be appreciated. I have looked high and low online and have come across similar symptoms, but no real answers as to what's going on with me.


First thing you need to do is get your home checked for mold. You sound like you have all the classic symptoms.



Not sure if you're going to get this because you posted in 2007, but have you ever read about Candida? It could have started with a cold, but then after antibiotics, you could have caused an imbalance in your body called Candida. Something similar happened to me.

I hope since your post was back in 2007 and you're feeling better by now. If so, did you figure out what it was?

Let me know if you have questions....