It's been a while since anyone has posted any fresh stories about pregnancies occurring after vasectomies were done (after the SA's where clear - past the "20 ejaculations" window period) (I have done alot of research and I know all about the 1:2000 etc chance of failure and so on.. although I have read of alot more and we have 3 friends that have had failures after the "window period")

My hubby (35) had a vasectomy in Nov 2008. He has a little girl from his previous marriage and after the divorce (in which ex took everything) he was so emotionally traumatized that he vowed never to put himself at risk of loosing everything again so he had a vasectomy. Then he met me.. ha ha.. Its only been about 16-17 months and so far so good. I don't have any kids and would love to have one in the future, but as things so it doesn't look like I'll be having any now.

What I wan't to know is if anyone has had any experience with late recanilization of the cut ends of the vas 1-3 years after their procedures. My hubby had alot of pain in the first few months after he shot his seeds, and now its not really so much pain as a nasty pinch or twicth like live wire (his description). he also had this strange pea sized lump form on one of the cut ends which has now hardened, and the other day when he felt it both sides of the vas deferends were attached to it. So we are now 100% sure the cut ends have rejoined. We took a fertiliscore home sperm test to check for any swimmers which came back neg (but I've now read that it only picks up anything above 10mil). He is a good healer and aparantly has super sperm as he got his first wife pg on the first try.

Is their any chance that these are indeed rejoining and how long (if ever) will it be before the little buggers will be back in action? does it take a while for the swimmers to re-appear in semen after the tubes has reconnected? He never did go back for tests (silly I know.. men, why go through all the trouble!!) But I am not on any BC and we haven't had any surprizes so far.

Sorry for the loooong post.