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Well. I started my periods at the start of the year and have had them every month since. Only the last few have been very heavy (at one point I was wearing a super absorbency pad and changing it every hour!). They seem to be lasting weeks and once I had one that was about 2 months long! I'm really worried and scared so what should I do.

If it helps I turned 15 at the start of the year (with my periods coming a few days later), I'm female obviously (but I know what some people are like) and my mam says that hers where heavy but I don't think she knows just how heavy mine are and she had really bad cramps but I don't. Please help and answers soon because I don't what to do. xx 


When my Mother was a teenager she'd get her period EVERY 2 WEEKS!

I have been in and out of hospital since December last year, due to having severe abdominal pain. The last time i was in hospital, which was in jan, my abdominal pain was at its severest. This time i had my period when this abdominal pain came on.

After this visit 2 the hospital i was put on "the pill".

I've never had abdominal pain since.

U should ask ur doctor about going on "the pill". It helps regulate irregular periods and eases period pain.