hi i have been tryin to conceive for 6 months (also came off the microgynon30 pill 6 months ago) and have had regular periods since then around every 30-31 days and usually last about 5 to 7 days but the last 2 months i have been gettin periods that have lasted 12-14 days!! but i still get my period on time every 30 days, i have not had any pains at all with these prolonged periods but they r very heavy for abt 5 days wiv some clottin and most of it is bright red fresh blood its quite worrying! iv decided 2 wait and see if it happens again next month before i go and see the doctor about it but in the mean time i just wanted 2 know what other ppl think the cause could be and if anyone else is or has experienced this id like 2 know wat thier outcome was,oh and just so u know i am 20 years old and so is my partner we already have a 2 year old daughter together who we conceived in the 1st month.thanx in advance xxxx