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Hi, I stopped taking Yasmin earlier this year. Following this my first period was normal and on time as expected. I then missed 2 months worth of periods which the doctor told me was normal as it takes up to 6 months to return to normal. On the 3rd month I was 2 weeks late and then my period lasted 28 days! I missed the next month which wasn't a shock as my period had finished days earlier but also missed the following month. The month after I started my period and am still on has been about 20 days and is fairly heavy still! I am still experiencing heavy hair loss from stopping the pill.

I know a lot of people experience no periods after stopping the pill but anyone experienced and got through extra long periods? It's been 7 months now...any idea how long this will last?


Since birth control messes with your hormones. If you stop it this can throw them even more out of whack. Excessive bleeding is something that you should talk to your doctor about ASAP.