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im a 21 y/o female and experiencing vaginal dryness, im having a problem with my boyfriend about it, is it true that when your vagina is dry it means that you've been into sex? what would be the medical explanation about this matter? what would be its cause? is it due to stress? please help me, im realy having a crazy time about it.....


Hi Mamavee: Vaginal dryness is usually more common in women who are in menopause!!! So there is only one explanation with you - he's not good at it!!!! o.O ;-) XD Just joking with you!!! LOL

I am sure this is a hormonal imbalance! You will need a blood test 1st to see what you are lacking in - I would hazzard a guess it is Tetesterone. Then you can get a patch, or an injection into your bottom!!!!! o.O :$ This does actually help - believe me!

In the mean time use a waterbased lubricant, or lubricated condom. Just be aware of the fact that the friction will use up the lubricant, so just be careful, as the friction can cause blisters and a rash. So just get a blood test, then ask for some help! It can really hinder your relationship and your own feelings of being a woman. Something just came to my mind as well, have you had trauma down there? As in child birth or pain of any kind? If so it could be a bit psychological? As in your body is protecting itself from any harm - kind of like your brain seeing your boyfreind as the enemy!!!

Keep me posted, and good luck hon!!!