I am a 17 year old female in Queensland. In early 2011 I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis; I was hospitalised for 6 days in Sydney, nill by mouth where they investigated the underlining reason behind my sickness. I was told this disease is extremely uncommon in teenagers and that it is very serious if untreated and the idea that it must be taken seriously. When I returned to my home town, I was again hospitilised for a further 5 days (treatment was the same): Nill by mouth, IV canular, plenty of rest and fluids, commonly prescribed morphine and panadol for pain. Once my 'acute episode' had subsided, i was feeling extremely fatigued and was sick for many months after. My immune system had weakened from the effects of Pancreatitis and gradually i found myself feeling sicker as the months past. I was hospitalised few times after this and my sickness thoroughly investigated. Many tests were performed such as MRI scans, Ultrasounds and exploritory tests including tubes and cameras down my throat. I was told that all organs at the time appeared normal and tests came back negative for any serious additional diseases. Consequently, i was referred to the 'Outpatients Clinic' where i was to meet with specialists for further investigations. No cause was found in regard for my Pancreatitis, this caused me to develop post traumatic stress due to the fact that i was still experiencing interior pain. After breaking down emotionally in two of my appointments, they suspected I must have depression and prescribed a medication. It was later found that this was untrue; i have anxiety due to the stress of not finding a diagnosis for the ongoing pain and sickness i was experiencing. As the months passed by, I became sicker with numerous different symptoms. Months later, my GP performed several blood tests. The episode of Pancreatitis had weakened my immune system so dramatically that I was now, very susceptible to a vast range of flu's etc. I was diagnosed with severe Glandular Fever and Tonsilitis - this caused Viral Meningitis which was diagnosed from a number of agonising symptoms in conjunction with the GF and Tonsilitis. Again, i was told this was very serious and i was hospitalised for a number of days. They controlled my pain with strong anti-inflammatry meds, antibiotics and pain killers. I was now feeling extremely sick with many different Rheumatoid like symptoms in addition to the rest. It was later diagnosed that i had contracted Ross River Virus 1 month after the attack of Viral Meningitis. Gradually, i began to feel better with plenty of rest and medical assistance (the use of medications), however i never returned to my energetic usual state. Months passed and i had been feeling great; I went on a family vacation overseas and was tremendously impressed with my recovery. However, the passed 2 weeks i have been experiencing agonising pain in my joints (wrists, ankles, knees, hips), my back seems to be causing me a lot of grief. I have been using heatpacks and pain killers to control the pain. One side of my glands (throat) appear to be swollen and irritated, i am feeling extremely fatigued, headaches are caused from photophobia (resistance to lighting) and there is severe pain all throughout my abdomen. It feels as though i have swollowed razor blades and they're jabbing my organs. I also suffer from suspected 'Precordial Catch' where my chest tightens; my heart rate rises and a stabbing feeling occurs at this time, making it hard for me to breathe. Usually it last between 10 and 30 second intervals. I have a genetic defect known as 'Factor V Leiden' (factor five) as well as a genetic defect which effects the Collagen in my joints. It is not uncommon for me to have low blood pressure. I know i have a very confusing medical history, I am very upset with this recurrent pain and I was hoping for some answers, can anyone help me on this matter, for i am very desperate to resolve it. Your feedback would be muchly appreciated! Thank you.