I went on holiday to Majorca for 5 days and about a week after I came back I started feeling constantly dizzy and sick. Due to the nausea feeling I didn't eat very much and sometimes felt better if I did eat, most of the time I didn't.
I went to the doctor after 5 days of this and was put on Stemetil to help with the symptoms. I started to feel better after about 3 days and didn't complete my course of 10 days as I was told if I feel fine after 5-7 days then to discontinue use. I left 2 days of the pack. At this point I also developed a cough.
About 2 days later I was hit with a full on cold (Thursday/Friday), sore throat, headache, fever, blocked/runny nose and lethargy as well as a severe cough. I was worse on Saturday and started to feel better Sunday. By Monday I felt pretty much fine bar the cough.
About 5 days later I was suddenly hit with the need to vomit, and although I gagged I wasn't physically sick. The next day I still felt slightly nauseous and dizzy but no where near as bad as I had been and was still eating fine, however my blocked/runny nose returned.
My cough has pretty much gone and my nose has been clear for the last half of the day, but I still feel nauseous (However I'm not eating too much either). I've started taking the Stemetil again with the last 2 days I have left of the course, but I'm wondering if anyone can help? A few people at work have been taken ill with several different viral infections and my doctor thought the first time I went that that was all it is. I'm assuming that this is just a continuation of that but since I've felt ill for pretty much 3 weeks now I'm wondering if anyone else has other ideas or if it just needs a bit more time to run its course?

Any input is appreciated! Also please note I had an enlarged gland come up on my neck a few days after I visited my doctor which has not gone down. I'm generally quite a lumpy person anyway, I have visited the doctor twice due to a permanant enlarged gland in my neck and one in my breast which changes size throughout my cycle, at its biggest before a period and hardly noticeable afterwards.

Thanks in advance.