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I am a virgin (as far as I know) and am missing my period. I'm having extreme cramps of the abdomen, lower back, and actual vagina. It feels like my body is trying to push my period out but can't. There is also a small amount of a thick, white discharge. I keep seeing that these are pregnancy symptoms and I am really scared that maybe I was drugged and violated or something. What else could this be? Please help, I'm kinda freaking out.


Hi there

If you have been into situations where you could be drugged and raped, you will in all probability memory lapses - like you cannot remember few hours of being at a place and then discovering yourself in different circumstances. If this is so, I suggest that you approach law enforcement authority who can do necessary tests, record your statement and guide you further.

As for the white discharge - it could be either yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Have a doctor examine you for medication. Please visit a doctor ASAP. Good luck