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I am only 14. I was raped, and now I am pregnant. How do I miscarry purposely? I have been looking in doctors pages biw to do it safely, but I am only 14 I don't even understand it, I just want every part of the rape, out if my memory. I hope not to get hate in this because I didn't ask for this. But I am scared I will. Can someone please help me!


Hi there

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. First thing first, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, you need to visit a doctor who will prescribe pills which can cause an abortion. However, not every woman gets an abortion after taking the pills - so, she has to undergo a surgical termination of pregnancy. Considering your age, it wil be prudent to approach a doctor. It is important that parental consent is required at your age.

But, even before that - inform your parents about your rape, and then approach a law enforcing authority. I know this sounds scary, but this is for your own good. The person who committed this crime, if he is left alone, he will be tempted to repeat the same with another girl.Love, light and blessings for you