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I have had my period for two years (since age 11) and it has always been regular until my third year was beginning to start (December) I got two periods during that month, then skipped my January Period.

I never had intercourse, I never been raped or drugged, the only possibility is being raped in my sleep. but, I wake up instantly when even someone comes near me half the time. So, I know I should have never had contact with sperm, Let alone kissed a guy with out clothing.

When my January period was supposed to be happening, I didnt bleed at all. I only got gas. I am beginning to get paranoid and develope a huge phobia of pregnancy. I am getting tender breasts and a tender stomach, I also have had food cravings and randomly for about two hours I feel tired during school.

but, the tired and food cravings isn't really a concern. I have been like that alot since I was eight.

But, what could be happening to me? Is it even possible to get raped in your sleep and not notice it? Even if the man was thrusting fast or slow? Like I said, I never had consented intercourse. Meaning, I know I am a virgin. The only chance of this being pregnancy is from rape. I am thirteen years old and have had my period for two years now.
I'm really scared and need advice.


It sounds like your periods are just not cycling correctly. Whenever you ovulate your breasts and tummy can become tender. It is important to tell your mom that your periods are not coming regular. She can take you to the doctor and he can put you on a medicine to regulate your periods. Don't be afraid to ask for help with your body. It can do some strange things your whole life. This is pretty common. Don't freak, just tell your closest parent. Good luck sweetie.