Researchers have developed the most detailed model of a human. It is a movable "4D" computer image that includes over 3,000 distinct body parts that can be viewed in a booth that gives the image height, width, and the fourth dimension-time.

With this new human model, doctors can plan complex surgery or show patients what ailments look like inside their bodies.
The CAVEman, as the computer image is called will help researchers study the genetics of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, muscular sclerosis and Alzheimer's.

So far, only one model has been created, making it unique in the world. The development was initially started due to a desire among massage therapy teachers for a more intricate picture of muscles and bones.

Today, standing in front of the image, the controller can manipulate it and focus on body parts - skin, bones, muscles, organs and veins. The closer you come to the image, the further into the body you would appear to travel. It can also be loaded on to regular computers, to be viewed off site.

The next step would be to develop versions to be sold to hospitals around the world and to add a touch element to the image.