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This time last month, just before my period I started getting really bad nausea, lack of appetite, was sleepy all the time, headaches and was really worried I was pregnant.

It turned out to actually be a fluey virus and I was very ill not eating or getting out of bed for nearly a week.

It is once again the week before my period is due and again I am feeling very very nauseaus and am sleepy only this time as well I am very moody, my breasts are sore, my backaches as does my head and I don't know whether to think it is just the virus returning, pms (which I don't usually get) or pregnancy.

I am on the pill and my boyfriend and I have protected and unprotected sex.


If you are on bc and take it faithfully, i wouldn't think that your pregnant.
Our bodies change and the ill feelings that you have could be PMS. Tho you have never had pms before doesn't mean that you can't start now.
Headaches, nausea, mood swings, sore breasts and sleepiness are signs that your period is on its way.
I would try PAMPRIN for your pms symptoms. It really helps with the headaches and backaches as well as your other symptoms.
And stop stressing about being pregnant as stress can keep a period away as well.