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Please let me know how much time and area of the skin must be exposed to the sun in order to secure the necessary amount of vitamin D to the body.

Thank you


Hello gnajm45,

Our bodies have the ability to made vitamin D from cholesterol in the presence of sunlight.  For individuals who have little sun exposure and individuals who lack vitamin D in their diet, they may be deficient.  In fact, the FDA has run clinical trials on vitamin D.  However, I don't believe they will change the RDA yet even though the FDA knows we don't have enough vitamin D because their not sure of safe amounts.  They just know we need more.  If you have your arms and legs and faced exposed that's more than sufficient and anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes should do it.  If you feel you don't have enough vitamin D, you can drink milk and eat milk products and mushrooms!  Mushrooms are my favorite.  I put them on most everything whether raw or sauteed.  Vitamin D is heat stabile.