Okay so im a 15 year old male and went to the doctors we had a conversation and he said to do a full blood count or something that included a vitamin d test. They came back with the results and I was surprised, they said a healthy person should have it over 50 and under 30 is deficient. Well mines under 30 but I don't understand I drink at least a glass (about 250-300ml )milk a day, eat fish fingers, sausages and the odd chicken.

Then I looked at what happens with a low vitamin d level and it was written somewhere that you can get soft bones and they won't mineralise (does that mean grow?) and my skeletal bones won't develop. I am worried because my jawline isn't like superman and I want it to be. So is it true, have I made my bones soft and can they become strong, mineralise and can I still hope for a adult superman jaw?