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I'm a pescetarian, for starters. I eat mildly healthy, and do it as a choice and not so much healthwise.

Anyways, I'm curious about iron deficincy. I don't know symptoms (besides chewing ice, I have for a very long time), and I'm interested in what it does to you if you do have iron problems.


Hello stripesandsmiles,

I don't  think chewing on ice has anything to do with an iron deficiency.  If you are iron deficient, you will be tired all the time (fatigued).  Iron is important for carrying oxygen to all the cells in the body.  The iron is contained within hemoglobin which is in your red blood cells.  If you don't have enough iron your body will not have enough oxygen to make ATP.  ATP is the energy molecule that runs most of your metabolic pathways. If you are low in energy you might consider taking a multivitamin that has iron in it and see if that makes you feel better.