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hey guys, i am 20 years old and i recently started working out at the local gym. I want to get muscles quickly so i am in doubt if i should try with protein or creatine shakes. 

Does anyone know more about this, or some experience? I heard it really boosts your muscles and that's fine but my question is how much is this healthy and does it have some side effects? Thanks


Hello Tim92,

Glad to here your working out at the gym.  Best way to keep trim and live long.  Supplementing your workouts is extremely important.  You need to take a supplement before and immediately after your workouts.  The supplement you take before can be in pill or shake form and should contain high concentrations of protein and whey is a good place to start.  Creatine is good as well as it replenishes your ATP stores during anaerobic respiration.  You might want to take glutamine as well, beta-alanine, glycine and collagen.  For a quick energy source you can take MCT oil (coconut source).  MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides.  These are good fats that once absorbed in the gut are immediately converted into ATP.  These fats are not stored in fat tissue so there is no fear of gaining body fat but lean muscle.  There are supplements that contain all these ingredients plus all the vitamins and minerals you need.  Many of them contain green tea as well.  Green teas powerful antioxidants combat oxidative stress (free radical formation) and promote healthy metabolic pathways.  Even if you don't exercise, these shakes are great to take to maintain normal weight, promote lean muscle and provide for a sense of well being.  Yes, you need to supplement before and after you exercise.  Without supplementation, you won't be able to achieve your goals.