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Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me about hyperglycemia and relation to diabetes? I'm still not clear on this issue. I still don't have my diabetes well managed so I have problems with high blood sugar levels. So far I haven't had too much trouble with low blood sugar levels. I think I'm taking in too much sugar and not enough other foods. Does anyone know of the best combination of foods to keep blood sugar levels normal. I'm a little picky about what I eat. I don't eat too many different kinds of foods because I don't like them. I miss my sodas and candy and particularly chocolate. I'm still having to work on that. I know that it is important but how do I manage myself with all these restrictions? Anyone have any suggestions out there.


Hello, I think it is difficult for everyone who has diabetes to follow a strict diet but unfortunately it is an absolute must. My husband was able to help me with this. I don't know if you live with someone that can help you with this but it certainly helps. Try to encourage family members and your friends to make you eat the right foods. Perhaps they will modify their diet as well. After all, eating a healthy diet helps to prevent diabetes in the first place. You'll be doing both of you a favor. Just explain to them the importance of eating properly throughout their life times. Hyperglycemia is inevitable with diabetes. Depending on what type you have (type 1 or type 2), you're not making enough insulin or you have insulin resistance. Either way, you are not efficient at carrying glucose into your cells. Once glucose is brought into cells, it is broken down to make ATP. ATP is the energy molecule that runs most of your metabolic pathways. So, you blood sugar levels will be somewhat during the day and possibly evening/morning. The trick is to minimize that by exercising and eating properly. Exercise and diet are your first lines of defense. In fact it is possible to reverse your diabetes especially if caught early.