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I'm 18 years old now and i developed Vitiligo at the age of 6. I've pretty much lived with it all my life and it's never really bothered me much. I have it bad on my hands, inner thighs, all my neck, around my mouth and on my legs...i have lost all pigment in my fingers and around my eyes.

Ive learnt not to be ashamed of it, but i do cover it up alot as people are more judgemental these days. Is there anyone else that suffers from Vitiligo, and if so, how do you deal with it? ^_^


i'm 15, and i've had Vitiligo since i was about 8. I have it badly on my feet, and stomach, but also on my knees, arms, and upper face. Because i have it on my head, i have also developed white hair, which is probably the one place i really dont like it. Vitiligo has been a part of me for so long that it really doesnt bother me anymore. I have come to except the fact that i have white skin in places where most people dont. I dont cover it up at all, though i do highlight my hair to cover some of the white hair, but besides that, i embrace my whiteness. My friends have told me countless times its what makes me me. As much as i sometimes wish i could get rid of it, they are right. Without my vitiligo, i wouldnt be the same person that i am now. I think because of it, i am more willing to look past people's physical differences, and find out what kind of people they really are, before judging them.