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I have had a paralysed vocal chord for the past two years, a result of brain tumor surgery. I waited for 2 years to see if the nerve damage woul repair itself but it didn't. So, it was discussed with my ENT surgeon to have vocal chord implants. I was choking, coughing and throwing up alot,not to mention the voice problems I had not being able to speak properly and was straining my other vocal chord.
Well two weeks ago I had the surgery to place an implant behind the paralysed vocal chord to move it over. The surgery went well but 3 days after I was having problems breathing, went to the hospital , took x-rays and everything seemed fine . Now two weeks later I'm still having problems, My ENT sugeon scoped my throat and said the implant has shifted so he might have to take it out Another surgery) OR I could have edema on my chest as my chest feels heavy and tight but I don't feel and obstacles in my throat. I am coughing more than I was before but my voice has improved.
He said to wait 2 weeks to see if there is edema and it will go, or if not then deceide what to do. Iam so devastated it seems whatever they do I will never be back to normal. I know I cannot continue with the breathing problem as I can hardly walk from one room to another without getting out of breath and having to sit down and rest, the other option is to go back to whispering ,choking and coughing forever.
I am wondering if anybody out there has had similar problems, or has any suggestions or thoughts, I would be really grateful for any reply, I'm desperatly in need of any help I can get. Thankyou


Hi Shells,

I can only suggest that you see another ENT specialist for another opinion. Waiting two weeks seems to be a bit long to wait if you are having that much trouble breathing, etc.

Did he say what the source of the edema might be? Is it as a result of the surgery, possible. There are drugs that can help reduce edema.

Hope it helps. Good luck.