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I went to the ENT two weeks ago because I've been having trouble swallowing (food and liquids). I'm also having problems with a raspy singing voice. I can only sing for about 45 minutes at my voice lessons before it's almost impossible to sing lower notes (they crack and just won't come out). ENT said my vocal cords and throat weren't red or inflamed and that it was most likely acid reflux. I've been taking Prilosec 20mg two times a day for two weeks. I feel like it's not helping at all. Two weeks ago I was just having trouble swallowing. Now food is actually getting caught below where my adam's apple would be (I'm a girl). Like it's just sitting in my throat. A few strands of spaghetti got stuck last night and it would not go down. Thankfully I woke up this morning and it was gone.

I don't have any pain when I sing or swallow. Honestly it's just annoying and a little scary when food gets caught and won't go down.


I have been to er twice now, they had to actually sedate me and help push the food down. First er doctor said I was pyshosomatic and its all in my head even though I couldnt even swallow spit. Needless to say I dont trust any doctors. Second doctor said actually wanted a follow up and said that stomach acid has been eroding esphogus  and that it was narrowing due to the inflammation. Im on 2 prilosec a day and this has helped very much. DR. said even though can feel heartburn or taste the acid to continue with medication for 3 months to a year. Im on 3 months now and due for another check up. Take the prilosec.