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Hello! From the last week I've been coughing (no phlegm) constantly, and my throat is paining a lot, also my voice is affected, I feel like my throat is swollen. I went to the GP and told me to do gargles with black tea, and I told him that's not enough! My symptoms have got worse now and I don't know what to do. In the pharmacy I was given linctus syrup for dry cough, and I am having that four times a day with paracetamol, for the throat pain, but it doesn't seem to work... what shall I do? I'm desperate! Thanks.


Hello there,

It would be wise to switch that black tea with some salted water or even green tea. Continue with the gargling because this should help at the end of the day and maybe at this moment you think nothing is happening but trust me it will.

Also you can ask from your GP to send you to the ENT doctor so you can be diagnosed by an expert for ear, throat and dental issues. He will let you know about treatment options if there are any.

When I have problems with my tonsils my throat gets all infected so for the next few days I need to drink chamomile tea with honey just to get better. I hope it can help to you too.