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So me and my boyfriend have sex alot and its protected we never  do it with out the condom now my birthcontrol pill is Alesse 28 and my period should have been here by now and i am spotting but its not AF yet so i want to know could i be pregnant and i dont always take my pill at the same time but i try my hardest to do it so please tell me im just freaking out over nothing because in my life right now i cant handle a baby...


Well...uh, a late period doesnt just signal a pregnancy. Your breasts and nipples might get sore, you'll get nauseous, mood changes, etc. (search on google for pregnancy signs cause this is all i can think of)

And a period comes from your egg..., which transform to a baby, so if your spotting, you might not be pregnant cause well...y'know.

It just might be late randomly or smthing. But you might be pregnant, because birth control and a condom, or both, doesn't always work.

Ask your doctor to be sure.