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The boyfriend and I had unprotected sex of Feb. 1. We used the pullout method and I'm not on any bc. I was suppose to start again on the 6th but today is a month later and I still havent started. I took multiple hpt and they all came out neg. On feb. 19 I went to a clinic and had a urine test done and then took a blood test. Both neg. I have always been irregular, not having a period for 2 months at a time but I've never been this late. My last period was Dec 23rd. I've had bloating and a bit gassier than normal but that's it. Did I test too early? Could there be something else wrong with me?


Hi Concerned,

You are not testing too early.  Sometimes the urine tests just don't work however.

Still, the blood test should have been accurate.

See your doctor to find out why you haven't had a period since Dec.  It may be a hormonal issue and it is important that you find out why.

Good luck