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My cycle usually lasts for 30 days n I only have a period for around maybe 4-5 days max, starts off light, gets heavier for a few days then the last day is light again. I was due on 27th feb and had light spotting with mild cramps on and off all day on 22nd feb, on 23rd feb I had only a bit of spotting when I went to the toilet and by 24th feb it was gone. I took a HPT on 28th feb and it came up negative but I'm not entirely convinced. I have been having extremely sore boobs, have flu like symptoms, feel nauseous but I've not actually been sick and keep having lightheaded dizzy spells where I need to sit down for 5mins before I feel better again. The nausea usually goes away after I eat then comes back again a few hours later. I would now be 12 days late from when my period was due. Could I still be pregnant?


Hi Guest, take another pregnancy test now, if you ARE pregnant it should show up positive.  If not, call your doctor and request a blood test to check as that is the most accurate.  The symptoms sound like pregnancy but as you know they can mimic PMS as well.

Hope this helps and good luck