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i wuld like 2 c if any1 could help me. i hav had this funny feeling in my head ... well i say funny cuz its not a pain more a unconfratable feeling. it starts behind the eye's and at the back of the crown of my head and in my temples ... it feels weird when i touch my temples most of the time. like it sends a weird feeling around my head.
I went to my doctor and he thinks it is stress an depression . but at this time i didn't hav all these symtoms i only had the feeling at the back of the crown on my head. he had give me half beta - blockers but when i went on them they really had me gasping for air cuz they sent my heart rate well down. down more than they should. i was ment to be on them for a month 2 see how it goes but by the second week i went of them and thats when all these symtoms started. it has been 2 weeks since i hav been of them . I AM A 21 YR OLD MALE


Try going to an acupuncturist and point out the exact location of the head sensations.

The acupuncturist will note the locations and know which acupuncture points and meridians are related. The acupuncturist will also ask you some other questions to identify your health/lifestyle issues and medical history.

You can google acupuncturists in your area and call around-- some offer free consultations. Or find an acupuncture school that's close by; the school will most likely have a low-cost student clinic with licensed acupuncturist supervisors and professors.

After seeing your primary care doctor, if you're not completely satisfied and think you need a second opinion, go for it. If it's something neurological, you definitely want to see a specialist for a check-up.

Hope that helps.

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