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Hi all.
I had a blow to the head just over a week ago, it did bleed at the time, but stopped in five minutes. i wasnt knocked out, had no confusion or dizzyness, or any other symtoms of a concusion or damage apart from the cut to my scalp. Thing is, i was silly enough to go looking on the net for outcomes of head trauma, i read i had to watch for symtoms for 72 hours, so i half worried myself to death, watching the clock like a time bomb waiting to go off, i was steadly becoming more and more anxious, and quietly got myself into a right old state. On the third day, and all at once, i had this flushing to my face, tingling in my cheeks, even redness of the ears like blushing at times. I also have tension in my neck shoulders and upper back causing me a headache that just wont shift. From time to time i get feeling of terror and doom for no reason, clammy hands, half my energy as gone too, and at the back of my mind, im still worrying ive got bleeding to the brain,or some other brain damage, or ive got signs of a stroke etc etc with the smallest of things, and i just cant snap out of it. Last few days i have started to feel a bit better, the tingling in my face is improving after doing stress relieving excercise's, but i still cant shake the feelings of worry and impending doom, or the pressure feelings in my temples and ears and across the forehead, top of the head and stiff neck and sore shoulders, and ive had that now for a week. I even hate going to bed at night because my thoughts are telling me that the new day could be the day i have a siezure or something,or some other thing to do with brain damage etc, even though its been 10 days now after the accident. I do have a history of panic attacks, but they dont feel like this, that tends to be more of a sharp shock effect but goes away and im fine most of the time until the next panic attack. Do the symtoms i have now sound like GAD after the stress of having a blow to the head, i am run down more than usual as im just getting over a bad break to my ankle at christmas where i was in plaster for eight weeks.

Not a good year so far! :-D



Hi again.
I went to see the doctor today as i was worried about the constant headache i have, and the symptoms of anxiety that seems to have developed. He examined me a bit, told me everything seems fine, and it was normal to have headache's and other symtoms after a head injury, maybe for upto six weeks. Ive read somewhere about "Postconcussion syndrome" and it looks like this is what i may have. Has anybody heard of this causing the fear and doom feelings of anxiety. I still believe i have the symptoms of GAD or something, but dont know enough about it, or postconcussion syndrome to know the difference.

Thanks again