So I went to the beach on Tuesday and I burnt my scalp pretty badly from not wearing a hat. Since thursday I started feeling dizzy but nothing was spinning, maybe light headed but not like I'm gonna faint. It's now Monday and My head still feels weird. I've never had an head pain at all. It just feels weird. I can drive but it feels weird driving, and I can do everything I did before. I eat normally. 19 years old and never had any health issues. I thought maybe it could have to do with my contacts since I feel like they have gotten weaker and my eyes are trying to focus on things further but it can and makes thats why its causing this weird pain. Someone else told me to drink plenty of water since I never drink water but stay hydrated with iced teas and what not (dont understand how this could be an issue though cause I never really drink water and never had problems). So hoping someone else felt like this before and could help me out? I did googling but its like the worst possible scenarios it gives me considering idk how to really explain other than like I did. My ear doesnt hurt either and it suggested an ear infection.