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Okay, so about a month and a half ago or so my doctor prescribed me this new Seasonique birth control and it was very frusterating to deal with as your only supposed to get your period every three months, but I was bleeding almost every day! not to mention getting horrible mood swings and feeling sick to my stomach all the time. I then called my doctor around the 24th of December and told her what was going on and she said to immediately stop taking them. Stupid me, decided to have sex with my fiance more than once sometime near Jan 2, It is only the 10th now and my doctor is telling me to get a blood test done tomorrow. I am thinking in my head that this is much too soon to varify that I am pregnant. But I also have been having a few pregnancy symptoms as well.... all this is so frusterating! If the blood test comes back negative, is there still a chance of me being pregnant? What are the chances of me being pregnant? Help is needed asap!!

Ps. Seasonique is probably the worst form of birth control I have ever been on.   


no if you are not fertile on those days you are not